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Touch RPN for iOS: Flavors

This app implements many RPN flavors. Out of the box, the app offers two free flavors: financial and scientific. Press ON to select the active flavor. To enable a greyed-out flavor, just touch it and confirm the purchase.

Figure 1: RPN flavors menu, accessible by touching ON. In this picture, all flavors are open. In your phone, locked flavors show a purchase price in your local currency.

Figure 2: Financial flavor

Figure 3: Scientific flavor (related to the discontinued 11C)

Figure 4: Advanced financial flavor, with algebraic mode

Figure 5: Financial flavor with Black-Scholes functions

The Black-Scholes flavor is "apocryphal" — there has never been a physical calculator with this layout. Check out this page to discover how it works.

Figure 6: Basic scientific (related to the discontinued 10C)

Figure 7: Advanced scientific flavor (related to the discontinued 15C)

Figure 8: Computer programmer‘s flavor (related to the discontinued 16C)

Fast swap of flavor

If you have purchased two or more RPN flavors, you can activate the fast swap buttons. They are shortcuts to exchange between e.g. financial and scientific flavors without having to open the Settings panel.

Figure 9: Advanced Scientific RPN flavor with fast swap buttons enabled.

The fast swap shortcuts can be configured via "Settings" > "Fast swap buttons". At most three flavors can be enabled to have shortcuts, and at most two shortcuts are shown on the main screen.

Figure 10: Settings subpanel where the fast swap buttons are chosen.

The fast swap buttons are completely disabled when any free flavor is in use.