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Touch RPN for iOS: Saving and sharing the memory

All RPN flavors can store multiple copies of the memory. This is especially useful to have many different programs available and ready to use, as well as to transfer data between devices.

Memories are stored locally as well as in iCloud. If you have configured iCloud in your phones and tablets, you can exchange memories between them.

The keystrokes used to save/load/delete memories are slightly different for each flavor:

Financial flavors

Scientific calculator ("11")

Advanced scientific calculator ("15")

Basic scientific calculator ("10")

Computer programmer's ("16")

Sharing memories

Once you have saved some memories, you can share them via WhatsApp, e-mail, Dropbox, etc. the same way you share pictures and other files.

Figure 1: Workflow of memory share

Importing shared memories

The app can also receive shared memories from others with the typical workflow.

Figure 2: Workflow when importing a shared memory

For example, if you got a memory via WhatsApp, touch on the file, choose the Share action, and choose the Touch RPN app to open the file (among the others that can open text files). You can save the memory over an existing name, or create a new one.

Important: once the memory is imported, go back the calculator and load the memory to put it into use. The import process does not change the current calculator state.

Can I edit a memory file?

The sharing features allow you to export a file, edit it and import it back. The format (JSON) is not friendly for direct manipulation, but experienced users of the calculator may find the contents familiar.

Just note you are on your own here. A file may be rejected right at import (the rejection message does not detail the problems) or it can leave the calculator in an inconsistent state upon load.