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Touch RPN Android: Purchase troubleshooting

From time to time, we get reports from users that had purchased an ad-free flavor, and after some time the app started to show ads again. Normally, this happens after a software upgrade or phone replacement.

The most common cause is simple: when the app is newly installed, the default flavor is financial with ads. To fix this, open the flavors list in Settings (ON key) and select the flavor you had purchased before.

If the flavor is not available, the solution depends on when you purchased the item: before or after September 2019. Check this Google Play tutorial to locate the order.

Recent, in-app purchase: after Sep 01, 2019

Sometimes a purchased flavor does not show as active on the list. Probably due to a temporary network problem, App Store did not download the purchase receipts, and then the app does not "know" which flavors had been purchased. This may happen when there are many phones under the same Google account, and the purchase takes a while to propagate to all of them.

This situation tends to resolve itself eventually (takes a time between some hours and some days) but it is possible to force a resolution using one of the following methods:

a) Try to purchase the item again. (The store does not charge twice for an item you already own.)

b) Reboot the phone.

c) If this does not work, remove and reinstall the app.

d) If this does not work either, remove the app, reboot the phone and reinstall the app.

After doing this, don't forget to go to the flavors list once again (ON key) and check that your purchased flavor is available for use.

If it still does not work, contact us. Send the order number (similar to GPA.1234-5678-0123-4567) to speed up the verifications.

Legacy purchase, before Sep 01, 2019

Before this date, each flavor was offered as a separate app. To migrate to the new app, simply install the legacy apps and the new app on the same phone. You can keep using the legacy app, but they are not updated anymore.

The purchased legacy apps can be found at "My Apps" section of Google Play. Find the app, install it, open it and follow the on-screen migration instructions.

In principle, the simple presence of the legacy app is enough to enable the respective flavor in the new app. But it is important to open the legacy app and follow the instructions. If the legacy app shows a promo code, use it immediately to secure permanent migration. (The promo codes are being distributed in a trickle since there is a quarterly limit.)

If you cannot find the legacy app on Google Play, keep reading!

Suspended legacy apps

For reasons out of our control, the legacy apps "Touch 11i" and "Touch 15i" have been suspended in Google Play and they are no longer available for install.

To remedy these cases, get the purchase order as described in this tutorial and contact us. We will supply a promo code to enable the respective flavors in the new app (Scientific Premium and Scientific Advanced, respectively).